Hi! I'm Jenny



Hi, I'm Jenny... And I LOVE.


I love light, color, and emotion. I love the way a newborn smells, the pitter patter sound of children's feet, and bear hugs. I love laughter, cupcakes, and those moments in your life that even just for a split second take your breath away. I love family game night, family movie night, and camping. I love wrestling with my kids, driving with the windows down.  I love being a wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend and I LOVE being a Fort Worth Family photographer.


 My passion for photography started at a young age. My Grandfather, who I named Bobo (yes like the clown) would allow me to watch him develop film in his darkroom. I remember thinking he was magic. Turning a blank piece of paper into art. Then when I was a teenager he gave me my first camera. I have been taking pictures ever since. What fuels my love for photography now are all of those things I love, for example my four children, I can freeze that sweet moment with them and anytime I need that moment back, anytime I need a reminder of just how great life has been with them I can go look at that photograph. Instantly the memories come flooding in, the warmth, the love, the laughter...  


 Having a large family of my own, it makes sense that I specialize in photographing families and children. I understand the family dynamic. What it takes to prepare for your portrait session, and even how to get those "real" smiles out of your children. Childhood does not last long enough, ask any mom. Now that I have a 16 year old I now understand why people kept telling me that it goes too fast. Because they where right it goes too fast, my heart can't keep up! Childhood is just so magical, the way children view our world inspires me. I think every mother needs a piece of that childhood magic hanging on her wall. 

I have a beautiful Fort Worth studio but I really REALLY prefer to shoot on location.. I just love being outside and having an adventure! Being born and raised in fort worth, and living in North fort worth alliance for over 10 years I know a ton of convenient but gorgeous locations to hold your portrait session 


and a shout out to my dear friend Andrea MacDonald with Rooted in Love photography for my gorgeous family portrait! =)